We said goodbye to Tomata du Plenty twice.

The Memorial at Hollywood Forever Cemetary
Sunday, October 8, 2000

and, again at:

'Carnival du Plenty' at Fais Do Do
Sunday, November 5, 2000

Our photos, so far, are not the greatest and
do not fully or fairly document the events.
If you have some to share contact:



The Memorial at Hollywood Forever Cemetary:




Chase Holliday (one of the organizers of the event)
was one of a large group of friends eulogizing Tomata.


'Carnival du Plenty' at Fais Do Do:



This alter served as
the centerpiece
in the Gallery.











A rare and touching appearance by
The Fabuoous Oh! Sisters

who sang "My Guy"

Tequila Mockingbird
did Sex Pistols covers with her new band.

The extreme Brain Grillo

Michael Intriere backed up readings by Diane Lawrence.

The regal Fayette Hauser

The sensuous Jane Cantillon


Dozens more performers appeared, including:

Brendon Mullen (who DJ'd), Mitch Handsome (MC), The Groovy Rednecks, Shoofly,
Belissa Cohen (at the Door), Hal Negro and the Satin Tones, the Lewd, Mink Stole,
former Screamers K.K. Barrett, Paul Roessler, Phranc, Geza X, Human Hands, Lance Loud, and...
many more rare appearances in the audience by friends we have not seen in some time including:

Claire Glidden, Deborah Exit, Vampira, Ellen Vinitsky, Craig Collins, Robbie Hochderffer, Carol Cetrone, Rob Wray, Sal De la Riva, Monica Townsend, Craig Roose, Ron Stringer, Shawn de Lear, John Dentino, Skip Arnold, Weba Garetson, Mark Wheaton, Scotte Craign, Peter Alexander, and...
due to an imperfect memory and a lack of comprehensive coverage,
we've left many names out. Please let us know who's missing:


see Tomata's Memorial page
featuring short remembrances written by some friends
plus additional links more about Tomata du Plenty...



other friends are remembered in theoretical's West Wing

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