queer things that appear on the streets from time to time



 Last March (2000)
I found myself wandering the streets of Silverlake,
Hollywood, Eagle Rock and Highland Park.
Aimlessly. In search of some meaning in the mess.
Soon enough, strange messages appeared.
The kind that remind me of an acid trip out of control..

  Strange statements.
Haunting in their appeal.
Naughty in their feel.
Compelling and demanding.

 Strange days.
A hard rain had poured down shortly after
they went up and they began to disintegrate.
In their disintegration a new intensity emerged.
"April 9" came and went.
And no one said anything.
No one noticed.
And now, no evidence remains.

  Odd transmissions out in public.
Taunting everyone.
Screamingly weird.
So queer.
So cute, yet nightmarish.

Funny peculiar (not funny "ha-ha").
Was a Q-bomb being fortold?
Had the sports people embraced their true fascinations of loins??


Another haunted delusional state? Again?
Strange provacative messages
Spoken from large invisible voices.
The news on TV mentioned they were for football.
But nothing happened on April 9.

And nobody said anything.


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