Mark Witten

photo: Terry Dorn

Mark (right) and his pal Jon Carroll.


These guys were Theoretical's Court Jestors. They would show up and verbally abuse anyone trying to make a fashion statement (even though they were usually making one, too). A marvelous service: "fuckin' with the yuppies" they called it.

Mark came from a difficult trailer trash home in Orange County and loved the role of naughty butch boy.

He was a resident and founding member of the infamous "Dog House" punk commune in Silverlake (L.A.).

Perpetua's Theoretical Gallery


In his last days— demented and lonely— he would call me in the middle of the night from somewhere back in O.C. and talk about everything and anything for hours. I was not usually fully awake. I remember laughing hard and long at the tales of magical lust and the many "boys" he taunted and humiliated. These were the dreams that seemed to border on confessions that a wicked stand-up comedian might tell. Specifics allude me, though I am privileged to have touched those dreams, however fleeting they remain.

What a lovely character he was.
A charming acid-toungued "wit."

It must have been in 1990 that he died.
Will I ever have dreams like that again?

 photo: courtesy of Dave Trapnell

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