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T. Billy
the name that
William "Billy" Troester
liked to be called.


Troester rhymes with toaster.

They called him a "scenester."


"TBilly, Scenester"
as quoted in LA Weekly's
"La Dee Da"


Photo Gallery and Text by

Terry Dorn



From Jersey,
T Billy loved "The Boss."
And, he stood in line at punk rock clubs to see The Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, The Specials...!


Handsome, attractive and instantly likeable by all! A sharp dresser in the true style of 50's & 60's fashion! And, apparently like many people in this world, he couldn't get enough Elvis, and was a cult follower of the '80's Rockabilly "redux" phenomenon.

T. Billy was sometimes mistaken for a celebrity at certain affairs. He just looked and dressed the part. He was a fan of "celebrity" himself, in a very unpretentious and healthy way.

TBilly drove a reliable car, and held a good job that proved prosperous for him as a Computer Programmer at a Savings and Loan. He bought a house off of that job!

Oh yes, TBilly loved to party, but, knew his limits! A habitué of Hollywood rock clubs and a regular at the One Way Bar and Theoretical partys.

He was an older brother of sorts, responsible, stable, reliable, honest, uncomplicated, in contrast to some of the misfits, that would pass through his apartment, which became quite a hangout for some time. I was one of that motley crew. His apartment was like an early evening stop off point before we all dispersed out into the "city of night", Hollywood. That was the late wild wild wild 70's and early 80's.

I would say, his closest cronies at the time that I first knew him were Jim Bucalo, Rob Wray, and Curt Hancock. Curt was TBilly's former boyfriend for a short period of time. Curt died of AIDs early on in the epidemic 1982. The first case we knew of! Then the disease really started rolling! There was a lot of denial for the first couple years, but soon it became apparent, this was major!


Does it appear that T Billy might be a little too concerned about "the time" in these pictures?
During this Photo Session, that took place at my apartment next door to Billy's in Silverlake, 1983, we were "goofing" off of men's fashion ads for Department Stores where concerned looking models are checking out their latest line of wrist watches.




—TBilly with son Tex Troester
in Halloween Costumes, late '80s.
Photographer unknown.

T.Billy married early and fathered two children. Later he separated and preferred a gay lifestyle! Both his children are straight. Tex Troester, his son, lives in Hollywood, and is well known as lead singer of the outrageous Groovy Rednecks. When considering that his son turned out "straight," raised by a gay father, TBilly would joke, "I don't know what I did wrong?!" Proofing that being raised by a gay parent is not a deciding factor in the outcome of a child's sexuality.

—TBilly as my "Best Man" in the marriage ceremony as improv performance art, Anti-Club.
Photo by Greg Cloud.

Later when Bernadette and I married, Billy continued on as close friend to both of us, and became like family.

—TBilly and Bernadette Colomine
at the Anticlub, 1985

—T.Billy clowning at Gallery Opening in LA, late '80's.

—Terry and Billy, late '80's.
Polaroid by Bernadette Colomine.






Here are some
photos of TBilly
with Bernadette Colomine
on a Sunday afternoon
drive excursion,
from the Huntington Library
to beneath the
Hollywood Sign.


This outing was
the last time we saw him.
He died a couple days later
at his home in Highland Park.


It was a great surprise to
discover that the ever-cautious
aware-of-safe-sex, and conservative
TBilly had contracted AIDs.
Unfortunately sex was his vulnerability,
like so many others!

He preferred not to go to
a clinic or hospital, but rather
to die amidst his own
surrounding, which
I thought admirable of him!


T. Billy seemed so content,
so at peace, in the face of his
impending death, which
was impressive
and inspirational to me.




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