all lyrics written by Michael Ely

"I don't consider myself particularly good looking, nor am I a gifted singer, but I do have a gift for creating illusions. Everything about Red Wedding is a well-crafted illusion. All of my lyrics are about fantasy and illusion, and VERY tongue-in-cheek."
—Michael Ely
(radio interview, 1982 )




I closed my eyes
I tasted your lips
It was a french dream
I was walking on clouds
Sleeping on the airplane

C'est si bon

Only fourteen hours
Only fourteen hours away
I'm riding this nightmare
I was counting the sheep
Sleeping on the airplane

My frantic brain caught in the airmail
What can I say
Can you, will you love me
Or will you push me away

I smoke too many cigarettes
Dreaming of you
I can't write fast enough
What can I do

I closed my eyes
I tasted your lips
It was a crash landing
I was looking at my watch
Sleeping on the airplane




Insane atmosphere of scarlet
Saucers spin like white wheels
Come swallow another harlot
Remember how it feels

Looking for rockets
Looking for engines in your eyes
Looking for rockets
A galaxy of one night lies
Looking for connections
Looking for injections
Looking for a ribbon
A jungle of sighs

Another slut falls from the sky
Another stallion gallops by
Another planet up above
Another boy falls in love
Looking for rockets




Marsha in pictures
Marsha was a statue in the manger
Prior to the war
If only she could find herself
Back to the lost generation
Sipping gold with her pets

Marsha in pictures
Marsha was a glass doll in hats
Prior to the pills
If only she could paint herself
Back on drums with clowns on trains
Laughing like yellow spring

A pair of legs
Walking through dying photographs
A pair of heels
Kissing the ancient sidewalks
Marsha in blue Marsha in red
Boys on wheels
Men in bed
A thousand years ago
Marsha in pictures

All the parties in the sky
Her friends are still dancing
Tonight we'll fly
Let's go on dancing




Bernardo appeared as an angel
With jealous lips as cold as lead
His hair glowed black light blue
Sweet wreck, my love, we are
the dead

I heard Cannibal and the Head Hunters
I tasted the purple fur and spice
And all I could see was a city
Of the wicked, the cool and the vice

Bernardo appeared as a ghost
With chrome wings and headlights down the hall
His heart, his knife was cocksure
Like steel, a brick, a wall

Oh when two worlds collide
Oh when two spirits collapse
An empty room
A vacant heaven
A silent night

I step down
Down into Bernardo's long cold carriage
And we cruise on a stolen battery
Up and down
Up and down
Angry saints decorate the boulevard
Organ grinder's monkeys lift their leopard dresses
And pump stars
We cruise
They dance
We spin
We explode
Sperm on the dashboard
The cops in waiting
Oil on the skull rest
Beauty queens in lavatories
Bones spurting worms
Skeletons in a circle jerk
A broken mirror
Seven years of purgatory
And a coffin full of sirens
We cruise into a coffin full of sirens
Drenched and saturated in ruby
Splattered in paradise



( passage from the live version, deleted from the Red Wedding recording )

He may not be a movie star
but when it comes to being happy...
Blue television light
My head is swimming
in blue television light
The night is bitter
The stars have lost their glitter
I am floating on velvet cushions
looking at all the demons
pressed against the wet glass
Beware the Diamond Dogs
Bernardo unzips his pants
He straddles my face
Going to the chapel
and we're gonna get married
He fucks my mouth like a pussy
He fucks me like a bouquet of roses
Three, six, nine
The goose drank wine
He fucks me like Nijinsky
like an evening in Paris
like Elizabeth Taylor
An American Tragedy
Oh holy father
Is this a dream
Am I here
Where are you
We dance
We spin
He explodes
I tasted the purple fur and spice
I tasted the honey and salt
I tasted the milk and the blood
Oh god
This is not a dream
This is really happening
And nothing you can say
will take me away from my guy
Oh my man I love him so
He'll never know



©2001, Michael Ely, James Taylor









He moves mountains into gravestones
The mattress into a bed of lava and cigars
He shakes the sky into silver lions
Lizards - lasers - crashing calling cards

He is the fallen angel sweet talking the ears
He is the sand and the painted lamps in the eyes
His hands drip flowers into the brain
Green hearts and birds of paradise

He caters from hell's kitchen
Feeds the war gods stereo blowout
Feeds the love gods nectar and ash
He is the playground of rolling dice
He is a pillar of hard pink ice

Satan in silver geysers
Satan in cologne
Satan in fire island
Satan in cologne




We are stuffed into our long coats
The north stars begs the moon to call
A touch of tar and lipstick
Love heads twist and crawl
Sweeping the fall away
As jazz reeds swing and sway

We pull an ember from a dashing sun
The coal sets the fields ablaze
Ravens exit into angels
Leaflets tango in red graves
Sweeping the fall away
As branches bend and pray

Letters and vampires and lacquered dolls
Sweeping the fall away
Drama and dragons and wardrobes
Sweeping the fall away

Karen is autumn
A mirror of rouge on green
Reflecting torches in our amber ballet

Karen is paisley
A slender chameleon in french chalk
Spinning straw into golden meditations

Enchantment and chapters and lost holidays
Sweeping the fall away
Flames and numbers and wishbones
Sweeping the fall away

Like puppets in the wind
Auburn dancing smoke
We will dance with you till the end
Silhouettes against the sky
Black drifting dreams
We will sleep in the black with you




An invisible kiss in a tortoise shell mirror
I float with your lip frost on my neck
A ship of rosewood and satin for us to share
Dust to dust
Drifting in the cotton wind
Dust to dust
An embrace beneath the whitewash

We will swim when the sea is black and the sun is dead
We will swim when
Neptune glows blue and
Mars drips red
We will dive into a sea of midnight and bleached bones
We will dive into a whirlpool of hungry sharks and pinups
Scratching the current
Drinking the tide





She is a pretty face on a broken sofa
Egyptian lashes and smart lips
She is a tiny skull set upon the ocean
The dead swim through her windows

She is full of black cats and teeth
Up to her thighs in court jesters
She is full of gray smoke and gut fire
The unholy flicker in her jars

Stand up to her nasty little tongue
Brush away the tender little lies
She is
She is
She is goddess no more




We dance and pour rain
Into an evening of statues
Into a desert of stone and arrogant zombies
Full of gum and cement
Only the walls move
Under the veil

We dance and pour rain
Into an evening of masks
Into a city of film and sleeping cattle
Full of glue and import worship
Only the walls move
Under the veil




We are soldiers and brides with flashlight eyes
Vermilion birds caged in towers
Alien ships buff the desert skies
Soon it's raining flowers

Our eyes trace the survival charts
As we stand in this where or when
We know in what is left of our hearts
That the stars won't rise again

We sit down to dine on bible courses
Mother rocket rings her warning bell
Our horses wait in the courtyard
Soon we ride for hell

Let's pretend we are lovers
Tossed among the curtains of the sea
Let's pretend we are tigers
Under a hungry moon
With a fallout kiss
Let's pretend we are lovers



( dedicated to Marc O )

When the fever hits
you can't remember
Faces come and faces go
When the fever preys
Sad December
So many faces under snow
And all the roses....

When the ground is white
you can see forever
miles and miles of stone
When the ground is cold
you can think forever
You can drift for miles, drift like snow
And all the roses....

The trees are bending
The night is ending
And all the roses....

The sun is lazy
The moon is crazy
And all the roses....

You've lost your mind
The gods are blind
And all the roses....

Winter swept in like an ocean
stirring us into her potion
washing our lives away
washing our lives away
All the roses....
All the roses....
All the roses are gone...gone...gone




Stripping down to the curtains
We are two blue monkeys
jacked up and shaven
We are two blue monkeys
in this neon room of razors
and mirrors
and snakes

The wallpaper is wet
The sink is full of shit
A baby floats in the toilet
lost at sea
And the face of god looks in

The devil grabs the boy from the hallway
pulling him into his den of bones
dragging him into the bathroom
holding him under the water
until the boy becomes an angel
And the face of god looks in




Another world of smoke and mirrors
Where candles burn like chandeliers
In lush green gardens

Another world of paisley pools
Reflecting lovers like drifting jewels
Under a glass moon

Love and needles and shooting stars
Dreams come true in killing jars



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