PICK OF THE WEEK: L.A. Weekly (sometime in 1992)

Fat & Fucked-Up at The Lounge Lizard Lounge (Hollywood)

Thrash-classical chamber group Fat and Fucked-Up hail from those queasy days of the warm and groovy arts scene when it seemed like everybody and his brother from Downey was in a band of some sort. In fact, Fat and Fucked Up started as a joke, legend has it that when they would catch the fragrant wind of self-promoting rockers, viola player Josie Roth and cellist Michael Intriere spurted out that they were in Fat and Fucked Up (even though the combo didnít exist). After a while they started to actually get gigs so they figured that they hade to do something besides cause scenes at parties. And now, over a decade and countless weird performances later, here ís Fat and Fucked Up at a trendy as all get-out Hollywood bar, still sawing away to handfuls of people. Joined by french-horn blower Luiz Sampaio, Non credo's Kira Vollman on clarinet and Jon Huck on contrabass, they weedle, twiddle, plunk and howl through a wholly imporvised set that veers wildly from pedestrian pizzicatos to chillingly lovely blends of sounds that still even seem to surprise them as they go. Shock them by showing up. At the Lounge Lizard Lounge at Club Maxx. -Jac Zinder
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