I think

the end of The
"Cold War"
was a vast deception.

Who really won?

It wasn't "we the people..."

The Corporate Pig is with us promoting a brand of socialism that doublespeaks itself as capitalism.

And the practitioners of Corporate Fascism and mutant PsuedoScience have created the ultimate Tower of Babel: The Internet. It came straight from dubious threesome: UCLA's School of Engineering and USC's "Information Sciences" program in partnership with the military aa funded through a little outfit in Santa Monica: The Rand Corporation.

So, I submit: their best war scenario has been run and Corporate Amerika won. Quietly. Subtly. And with wonderful public relations that deceive by "acquiring" all things in its paths.

And voile!
...here we are, feeding the Pig.
With our creativity, our ingenuity, our money, and our votes...

For what?

...to satisfy the cravings of a faceless collection of corporate bureaucrats answerable to another collective mass of Wall Street swindlers selling "portfolios" to more faceless masses engaged in a pretentious form of gambling (glorified as "risk-taking") based on the continued acquisition of resources (the earth) and labor (the people) to further the cause of corporate domination of the world?

Artists everywhere:
unite as individuals and don't sell out.
I'd like to thinkit's not too late.

If you permit Culture to become just another commodity we are all sunk.

That's my Rant. For the moment. Revised August 8, 1999.

I hate you, Bill Gates.

I love you, Jenny Holtzer.

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