Reed Roles

photo-montage exhibit

Selected works, 1997-1999:















  Thoughts shift shapes
shadows spill
                        fist to hand-
              spotted pillow scapes
                        of systems solar
                                    and not.















He danced
the wasp's
dizzy dance
'round the...
slow turn
of a snail
on the rim
of morning.
In the grace
of an untouched
landscape he scratched
the edge of eternity
and slipped
into its ring.



"Bending Time"






I understand this—
...that we came pass
...and that we
...pass away.
In the temperature
...of life
there is always
...a fever.






"By These Rules"

May, 1997





His eastward rush
night high on his head,
his face turning
a deathly blue.



March, 1997


I lean on this vision
as if I need a doctor.
I gather this prayer
into balls of light.

















A bit like lost in space.
Each one in their own world.
Light years from each other.
This is where time morphs into the
timeless and form begets longing.







I sleep
the deepest
by words
I cannot
by floating
of the



June, 1997



I draw the ghost
with eyes open
and breath null-
to pierce...
the chant...
of my numb heart/
to pierce the moment
and bring forth
a vision...
to delicate...
for this
muscle world....




"I come Unto Myself"

June, 1998




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