..on the web:

website architecture, consulting,
design, marketing,

content development,
and construction

services and rates

content development (editorial writing and management)
content is the most valuable asset any site has, we help develop and present it

eCommerce (cataloging and enabling online product sales)
setting up online stores and catalogs has become affordable, manageable and functional

marketing (affiliate programs, traffic building, community building)
we work with LinkShare and other affiliate programs; we "seed" search engines on a monthly basis

website Domain Name service referral and consultation
we'll walk you through getting your own unique name (in YOUR name, not ours)

website and web page design and graphics
including image scanning, illustration, HTML page design using DreamWeaver software


Our Basic Package:
We are not the cheapest. We do not produce repetitious "plain wrap" or "cookie-cutter" sites.
Every site gets a unique custom look and feel for your approval. A new website of 6 to 8 pages including custom graphics, scanned photographs, JAVA script navigation bar, text writing, keyword and Search Engine seeding set-up for under $900.
We'll get you a Domain Name registered in your name* (@cost=$70. for two years)
AND set you up directly with a reliable web host and eMail at their cost (usually under $30./month).

*WARNING: Beware of some unscrupulous operators who offer to register a name "for you." You must be the "Registrant" and legal owner of your site or you could find yourself being held for ransom later on!

Other Programs:
We remodel, maintain and enhance many established sites, too. We can "add-on" eCommerce features, improve the graphics or just work on getting you noticed in Search Engines. These projects are all estimated based upon an intital no-cost, no obligation consultation with you.


sites and references

philosophy and theory




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