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clock party, spring 1988

All photos on this page: courtesy of George Copanas.

Jim Van Tyne John Waters

Let's start HERE
with a rare portrait of

Jim Van Tyne
and limited editions of his
Lobster Clock, John Waters Clocks
and several Rock Clocks.






Theoretical events were, on some occasions, centered around static art, especially Mr. Van Tyne's nack for assembling found objects into functional absurdities. Van Tyne's annual CLOCK PARTY was always a blast. There would always be 5 or 6 blenders whirling in the kitchen making delightfully wild fruit-n-booze concoctions.Documented here: the last of the series held in late 1988 at someone's big Downtown warehouse/loft/gallery. Artist SUZY BEAL and several others displayed their wares, too.

Among the guests were filmaker/graphic artist PAUL SBRIZZI (left) and Communications Consultant JOHN DEARLE...






...and Videographer
and Photographer






...and a pre-"alt.gothic"
Nervous Gender
in the person of







And Actor-Performance Artist JOHN FLECK with Photographer KAREN BALLARD (posing in front of the now priceless painting "Night at BRAVE DOG" by ISMAX, 1982).







JVT (in theoretical T-shirt)
hated being the center of
attention and recoiled from
shows of affection,
yet he inevitably ended up
being right there.





>T. BILLY< was there
and the extraordinary
French voacalist


So many friends showed up
that the Host opened the roof
to accommodate the crowd.






JOHN DEARLE (left) is now with that always pouting and skeptical Poet/ Librarian/ Literary Critic Dr. REED ROLES.






Photographer/TV-Film Editor GEORGE COPANAS posed with TONY "SEAN DE LEAR" (who is now the lead in that very cool band "GLUE"). Tony was just recovering from a serious fall and neck injury.


JOHN FLECK (center) is probably arguing
politics with Marxist MARK GRADY
(left, Way LEFT).


(Peter Alexander, left)
...and the opening continued on
until all the clocks were sold and
it didn't matter what time is was anymore.

The End.


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