Arnie Araica

died of AIDS in early 1993

Arnie (left/below) is shown at a theoretical (probably 1989) with best friend
and devoted lover Curtis Hill (who remains well and very much alive and well).


photo: Rob Allen

I met Arnie Araica at a Theoretical, held at the L.A. Press Club featuring Necropolis of Love, in March of 1986. Marcos Huereque brought him, thinking that I might be interested. It wasn't exactly love at first sight, but we were indeed very interested in each other. We sent each other drinks at the same time (romance was still happening, then). The rest is history.

Arnie was a talented fashion designer, for a while producing both men's and women's lines under his own name and later designing for other companies. His "fashion" eye was incredible and he was always one to start trends, not follow. A feisty Latin man, he always had a thoughtful opinion, and was a caring individual. He adored me. I adored him. He enjoyed dancing at clubs, our vacations in Europe, The One Way, Theoreticals, museums, music and just about everything else (diverse taste, yes?) We had eight years together until he died from complications of AIDS. I loved him.

—Curtis Hill



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